Circle K ATM Transaction Data Possibly Compromised

The Charlestown Police Department is currently investigating the possibility that the transaction data may have been compromised on the ATM machine located inside the Charlestown Circle K Convenience Store, located at 1075 Market Street; sometime between November 1, 2016 and today (11/30/16).  IF YOU USED THIS ATM BETWEEN THIS TIME PERIOD, IMMEDIATELY CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS FOR FRAUDULENT CHARGES, REPORT THOSE CHARGES TO YOUR ACCOUNT COMPANY AS WELL AS THE CHARLESTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT. Additional case inquiries can be forwarded to Detective Chuck Ledbetter, 812-256-7770 or via email at

Protect Yourself Against New Phone Scam Methods

The Charlestown Police Department has recently received complaints from individuals experiencing a new type of phone scam being attempted by perpetrators in the Louisville Metro area.  The scam involves receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to represent a local utility company, such as Duke Energy.  The scammer calls on the pretense that the citizen’s account is in danger of being frozen and service disconnected as a result of being delinquent.  The scammer asks for credit card or banking information over the phone immediately; to process any type of payment on the account to avoid a disconnect.  This type of situation is normally a scam, and can catch unsuspecting citizens off guard with panic over the thought of not having a daily necessity such as a power utility. Citizens who receive such a phone call should not give any personal or financial information out over the phone until the…

Distracted Driving Concerns Heighten in Charlestown

The Charlestown Police Department has experienced an increase in serious motor vehicle accidents lately both in and around the city; two of which involved school buses and CHPD has taken notice. Charlestown Police Chief Keith McDonald wants to remind motorists to watch their speed by allowing more travel time getting to their destination and not be distracted while operating a motor vehicle. “Speed and distracted driving are the two major causes in some of the crashes we have seen recently” McDonald said. “We just ask that motorists pay more attention to the roadway versus their electronic devices and slow down in order to get to their destination safely”, McDonald said. Chief McDonald said that motorists can expect to see additional Police presence on our roadways as CHPD focuses their efforts in slowing motorist down especially during peak travel times. If you would like to report a reckless driver we urge…

Pokemon Go Safety Concerns for Parents & Players

The Charlestown Police Departments urges players; as well as, parents of “Pokémon Go” players to stay safe and alert as the game becomes more popular. The game, which launched last week for iPhones and Android devices, is based on the classic cartoon and video game series.  1Players use a GPS map to locate cartoon creatures called Pokémon.  When a character is tapped, the app launches the smartphone’s camera for a mini-game where the Pokémon appear to be moving in the real world.  Pokémon Go has surged to become a viral hit, as players seek out unique hiding spots for Pokémon.  The game requires players to move and pay attention to the touchscreen as they seek out Pokémon, prompting several agencies to urge players to stay aware of their surroundings and be careful. “Reports of close calls associated with playing Pokémon Go already are rolling in,” reads a statement released Tuesday…

Have a Safe 4th of July Holiday

The men and women of the Charlestown Police Department want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day Holiday weekend; with a reminder to keep celebrations safe and respectful of neighbors in your community.  Click on the following link for a quick reference of Indiana’s laws regarding fireworks; as well as some safety tips when using fireworks