Fraud Alert: Home Shoppers and Renters Beware

The Charlestown Police Department has recently received a few complaints regarding attempts to fraud individuals looking for homes to rent or sell.  The scam involves individuals posting ads on social media and sell websites; including Craigslist, claiming to be responsible for area homes already up for sale or rent.  These scammers are asking for a “good faith” down payment or “deposit to secure” a home of interest; before being able to see its interior.  The scammers collect the down payment or deposit, usually through electronic transfer methods, and are never hear from or able to be contacted again. Don’t fall prey to a scammer, always protect yourself and be extremely cautious when entertaining business deals. Never make business deals over the phone or internet, they are meant for in person. Never pay money to secure a deal before having a chance to physically and thoroughly inspect your purchase. Never provide…

Attempt to Identify Suspect in CHPD Case

Please take a look at the photos and see if you can help us identify the suspect.  Pay particular attention to the watch, bracelet and purse shown in one of the pictures, as well as the red or orange lanyard shown around her neck in another.  Also of note are the gray sweatpants with large white lettering down the left leg.  The suspect is seen leaving multiple stores driving a white sport utility vehicle; possibly a Ford Edge, Ford Explorer or Hyundai Sante Fe.  If you you know who this suspect is please contact Detective Jason Broady, 812-256-6345 ext. 101 or via email at   (All persons depicted are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)  

CHPD Investigating Car Hit by Bullet Likely Shot to Sky

The Charlestown Police Department is investigating damage to a citizen’s car which appears to have been caused by someone shooting a high caliber rifle into the air during the evening hours of Saturday, November 11th. This incident occurred in the northern most area of Charlestown, and possibly between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The adjacent photo shows the damage the bullet caused to the body of the citizens car; which could have been a more devastating incident if an incident bystander, including a child, would have been hit, instead of the car. The incident is a reminder to gun owners that it is never a safe or good idea to all to fire any firearm up into the air aimlessly. Gravity being what it is and population density being what it is, bullets fired aimlessly into the sky or even in jubilation (New Years Eve) sometimes hit things or people…

CHPD Launches Operation Identify

The Charlestown Police Department’s OPERATION IDENTIFY is a Crime Prevention initiative that serves more than one purpose in preserving personal property.  Using the easy steps of Operation Identify, property owners can take proper inventory of valuable items and not only be better prepared to help law enforcement get valuables back if ever the unfortunate victim of crime; but also if becoming a victim of a natural disaster or accident, having an inventory can allow you to file insurance claims for your items quicker. A Operation Identify property record involves documenting on one form, the manufacturer make, model, and serial number of valuable personal property around the home; placing engraving an ID or serial number on valuable items that do not bear a serial number.  Completing an Operation Identify property inventory is also a great time to video your personal property in each room and take a photograph of the valued property…..especially…

Christmas With a Cop Fundraiser

We’d like to thank the Charlestown Pizza Company, their hardworking staff, as well as the entire Charlestown community for showing up to our 1st Christmas with a Cop fundraiser at the Charlestown Pizza Company.  We’d also like to thank the wonderful students at Charlestown High School operating 99.3 FM WPMQ who helped get the word out about the fundraiser to make it a huge success.  We had such a great turnout and raised over $3000.00 for the children of Charlestown.  Without the help of the Charlestown Pizza Company, 99.3 FM WPMQ and of course the Charlestown community our fundraiser woudn’t have been as successful as it was.  We’d also like to thank the many spouses, children and family members of each Police Officer who helped as well.  We look forward to a successful 38th year of Chrsitmas with a Cop in Charlestown!!!