Arrest Made in 2003 Attempted Murder/Rape Cold Case

DAVID EDWARD HOLLOWELL, 52, of Clark County, Indiana, was taken into custody Thursday, July 20th, by investigators of the Charlestown Police Department; after the issuance of an arrest warrant through Clark County Circuit Court #1.  Hollowell is facing Attempted Murder, Rape, Child Molesting and Burglary related charges; and is currently being held on a $250,000 cash bond in the Clark County Jail.

In September of 2020 Charlestown Police Department Detective Jason Broady, re-opened an investigation that began on April 14th 2003 in the 200 block of Highland Drive in Charlestown, Indiana. The case involved the rape and child molestation of a then 13 year old female as well as the attempted murder of her 50 year old step-father. The case went cold in 2005 after 2 years of investigation. Detective Broady re-opened the case after speaking with an involved family member.

Detective Broady met with victims and family members to obtain information about the case in hopes of generating new leads to follow up on.

In addition significant advancements (since 2003) in forensic DNA technology, including Genetic DNA Analysis and Research have arisen and were utilized during the investigation. Through the investigation David Hollowell was identified as a suspect and was ultimately charged by the State of Indiana in connection with the offenses.

Brief Case Synopsis:

Monday, April 14th 2003 at 5:44 AM, the Charlestown Police Department received a 911 call reporting the Rape of a young female and the shooting of the young female’s step father.  The stepfather, age 50 at the time of the crime, was found semi-conscious, on the floor inside his home, in the 200 block of Highland Drive, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.  The young female Sexual Assault victim, age 13 at the time of the crime, had fled to a neighbor’s home for help. The step-daughter has recovered from her physical injuries but has had to live with the mental trauma inflicted upon her at the hands of David Hollowell for the past 20 years. The step-father survived his injuries but was left with a traumatic brain injury which has significantly impacted his quality of life.    [Victim names are not being released by CHPD]

“The most rewarding thing an Officer can do is solve a case and bring closure to a victim.  I am proud of our department for providing closure and seeking justice for the victims in this case”. ~Chief Tim Wolff, Charlestown Police Department.

“Numerous individuals have been instrumental in solving this case and bringing Hollowell to justice; our then, 13 year old victim; the step-father and his wife; Charlestown Police Department Detective Charles “Chuck” Ledbetter; Indiana State Police Laboratory Analyst, Susan Laine; Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Jeremy Mull & Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Krista Willike; Parabon Nanolabs; and, Season of Justice.

Without each of these individuals or organizations there is no doubt this investigation would not be where it is today. While credit can be given to each of these individuals as well as numerous other individuals who played a role in this investigation, the credit should be given to our victims, who’ve waited 20 years for justice; 20 years for the person who dramatically altered their lives forever to be held accountable; 20 years. They’re the individuals who deserve the credit.

This case should serve as an example to any individual who has made up their mind to perpetrate violent offenses on any individual in Charlestown; we will not tolerate it, we will not sit idly by and let you get away with it. We will use whatever resources we have within the confines of Indiana Law and the U.S. Constitution to ensure that you are held accountable for your actions.

The Charlestown Police Department is more than capable of solving a number of crimes, our Officers and Investigators will work diligently to ensure that we assist all victims in achieving justice.” ~Detective Jason Broady

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