Vial of Life / Green Bottle Project

The Charlestown Police Department, in cooperation with the New Washington State Bank, introduce the Vial of Life project.  Designed for Charlestown residents with important medical conditions; who live alone or are frequently home alone.  The Vial of Life project involves a green pill bottle placed in the home refrigerator door; containing a form of medical information to assist first responders in the event of an emergency.

If incapacitated and not able to communicate important medical information; an included sign on the front door of the home directs first responders to the Vial of Life, containing important medical information. The Vial of Life project is nation-wide, so the option also exists to maintain your important medical records, safely on-line in the event you need to direct medical personnel to it quickly away from home. (

Charlestown residents with medical conditions, who live alone or are home alone a lot; can get a Vial of Life do it yourself kit for home, free of charge. Simply visit the main branch of the New Washington State Bank (1083 Market St., Charlestown) or Charlestown Police Headquarters (703 Main St., Charlestown); during regular business hours, to pick up your Vial of Life home kit. For more convenience, just email the Charlestown Police Department at to request delivery of a Vial of Life home kit.