City Ordinances

The below Charlestown City Ordinances are provided below for ease in reference; specifically due to the popularity of inquiries the Department normally receives.  Additional Charlestown City Ordinances can be referenced at

Ordinance-1995-OR-12 Regulating Address Numbering

Ordinance-1998-OR-05 Regulations Roadblocks and Solicitations

Ordinance-1999-OR-07 Regulating the Town Square as a Public Park

Ordinance-2005-OR-09 Regulating Skateboards and Other Similar Devices

Ordinance-2005-OR-20 Regulation of Domestic and Vicious Animals

Ordinance-2006-OR-04 Regulation of Certain Nuisances

Ordinance-2009-OR-08 Regulation of Unnecessary and Undesireable Noises

Ordinance-2016-OR-07 Prohibting Public Nuisances