Fraud Alert: Home Shoppers and Renters Beware

The Charlestown Police Department has recently received a few complaints regarding attempts to fraud individuals looking for homes to rent or sell.  The scam involves individuals posting ads on social media and sell websites; including Craigslist, claiming to be responsible for area homes already up for sale or rent.  These scammers are asking for a “good faith” down payment or “deposit to secure” a home of interest; before being able to see its interior.  The scammers collect the down payment or deposit, usually through electronic transfer methods, and are never hear from or able to be contacted again. Don’t fall prey to a scammer, always protect yourself and be extremely cautious when entertaining business deals. Never make business deals over the phone or internet, they are meant for in person. Never pay money to secure a deal before having a chance to physically and thoroughly inspect your purchase. Never provide…

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