Christmas With a Cop Fundraiser

We’d like to thank the Charlestown Pizza Company, their hardworking staff, as well as the entire Charlestown community for showing up to our 1st Christmas with a Cop fundraiser at the Charlestown Pizza Company.  We’d also like to thank the wonderful students at Charlestown High School operating 99.3 FM WPMQ who helped get the word out about the fundraiser to make it a huge success.  We had such a great turnout and raised over $3000.00 for the children of Charlestown.  Without the help of the Charlestown Pizza Company, 99.3 FM WPMQ and of course the Charlestown community our fundraiser woudn’t have been as successful as it was.  We’d also like to thank the many spouses, children and family members of each Police Officer who helped as well.  We look forward to a successful 38th year of Chrsitmas with a Cop in Charlestown!!!    

Active Shooter Preparedness: Information to Consider

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is important for citizens to consider what to do in the event of finding them self and/or family members in danger because of the presence of an active shooter situation.  The Charlestown Police Department agrees and provides the following information and resources; currently promoted by several national law enforcement agencies, including our own Indiana State Police. “Run Hide Fight,” of which the US Department of Homeland Security also advises is the proper response sequence to an active-shooter situation; is a quick phrase and way to remember what to do in an active-shooter situation, in order:  RUN if you can.  If you’re stuck, HIDE (also referred to as “sheltering in place”).  If the shooter finds you, then FIGHT — with whatever you can (from hot coffee to pens). For additional information and resources on this topic, visit the Indiana State Police website section dedicated to Active Shooter Preparedness;…

Charlestown Pizza Company Hosts “Pizza with the Police”

The Charlestown Police Department and the Charlestown Pizza Company are joining together to raise money for Charlestown Police Department’s 2017 CHRISTMAS WITH A COP PROGRAM.  Come join us at the Charlestown Pizza Company, Monday evening, October 30th, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm; and enjoy great pizza as you are SERVED by the Men and Women of the Charlestown Police Department.  The Charlestown Christmas with a Cop Program (formerly known as Shop with a Cop) has been an annual event of the Charlestown Police Department since the late 1970’s; and involves police officers taking first graders of Charlestown elementary schools, clothes and toy shopping before eating dinner and experiencing a visit from Santa Claus.  Fund raising efforts each year makes it possible for over five hundred dollars to be spent on each first grader participant.  Join your Charlestown Police Officers and the employees and owners of the Charlestown Pizza Company for…

National Night Out 2017 Charlestown August 1st

The Charlestown Police Department is participating in the 34th Annual National Night Out crime prevention event on Tuesday, August 1st at the Charlestown Family Activities Park located at 1000 Park St. from 6 to 9 p.m.  “Our goal is to urge our neighborhoods throughout our community to help us celebrate National Night Out in a big way!  “National Night Out, (or NNO), is a night that citizens across America can send a powerful message about neighborhood unity, awareness, safety & strengthen police-community partnerships, Charlestown Police Chief Keith McDonald said.” “This community has always been great to CHPD and we would like to show our gratitude by hosting a free crime prevention party to our citizens”.  “We feel it’s important that our community get to know their officers on a first name basis and our officers get to know our citizens in order to identify the needs in a particular neighborhood…

Have a Safe & Legal 4th of July Holiday Charlestown

The Charlestown Police Department encourages all citizens to have a safe and legal Fourth of July holiday; remembering that accidents do happen that can change the course of your life as well as the lives of those we care about.  Preventing accidents doesn’t have to ruin the fun of celebrating a holiday; however someone getting seriously injured normally does. Please exercise caution when celebrating, and especially when using fireworks.  Celebrate with regard and respect for your neighbors; know what fireworks are legal, when they can be legally set off, and where they can be legally set off.  Avoid liability, a visit from your local first responders, and be responsible about doing your part to prevent accidents. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING USE & SAFETY OF FIREWORKS Happy Independence Day Charlestown!