Articles by Chuck Ledbetter

XP: 11 Charles Place

X-tra Patrol:  #11 Charles Place regards to unk. persons entering complainants property from the rear from the c-town cemetery area.  Comp. suspects possible homeless persons cutting thru from the wooded area etc. 544

VC: 8317 Jordan Drive

Roger Reif, of 8317 Jordan Drive, will be out of town April 15th through April 24th and is requesting Vacation Checks of his residence.  Inquiries can be made to Roger at 812-406-8776 if necessary.   519 CHPD-Vacation-Check-Request-Form-2019-2021-Reif.pdf

XP: 322 Highland

Extra patrol requested for 322 Highland drive which is a vacant residence undergoing remodeling.  The owner (Carolyn Long) advised that the neighbors saw two juveniles playing inside the residence during todays date.  She is requesting extra patrol for the residence.   Carolyn Long   Phone:  812-786-0145         307 Birch Drive.   — Officer Eric Kruse Charlestown Police Department 703 Main st. Charlestown IN, 47111

XP: 6611 High Jackson

Resident at 6615 advised two males were on scene last night approx 2am in the backyard going through items though nothing appeared to be missing. He advised that the resident of 6611 is out of town and no one should be at the house.  — Patrolman, 1st Class B. Lyons-554 Charlestown Police Department 812-256-6345 (*205)

XP 223 Whitsett Way

Comp. adv. an unk. male only known as “Jay” who is driving by comp. residence insinuating that their property may be stolen. The comp. req. the male to be trespassed if located. Suspect drives a silver 07-2011 Charger.