Home Improvement Fraud Afoot Locally

The Charlestown Police Department has recently received complaints and are currently investigating cases of potential theft and fraud via home improvement projects; and wants you to know how to protect yourself and family members.  Recent rounds of windy and stormy weather has opened the door to potential home improvement fraud situations; earlier than normal this year, and losing thousands of dollars are at stake.  Fraudsters like to target the elderly and older adults living alone; so please discuss this information with your close family and friends as soon as possible.  Some of the biggest suggestions to protect yourself include:  Be skeptical of people going door to door claiming you need work done; “contractors” who pressure you to make a decision quickly; “contractors” who don’t respect requesting references and the freedom to obtain competitive quotes; and those who demand more than 1/3 of the cost up front and without a details contract.  There are plenty of other tips provided by the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division; CLICK HERE FOR THEIR HELPFUL GUIDE.  Still have questions or concerns?  Contact us for additional guidance (not legal advice); but crime prevention information at ONLINE@CTOWNPD.COM; or visit the Crime Prevention Section of our website at www.ctownpd.com/PREVENTION.