Public Safe Exchange Zone Added at CHPD Station

Purchasing items online has become a normal part of everyday life, just as child custody exchanges have become more and more prevalent. Meeting in a neutral and safe location to perform custody exchanges or purchase transactions, especially with someone unknown, can sometimes become heated, tricky and perilous. For these reasons, law enforcement all across the country are setting up Safe Exchange Zones, where online transactions and child custody exchanges can occur under video surveillance to provide greater safety and documentation for all parties involved.

The City of Charlestown and Charlestown Police Department recognizes the value of the above outlined reasons, and have created a Safe Exchange Zone in the east parking lot of police headquarters, located at 703 Main Street, in Charlestown. Two parking spaces have been marked and posted reserved for the purpose of safe exchange; available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without reservation. The Charlestown Safe Exchange Zone parking spaces, have good lighting at night, plenty of space, and most importantly, high definition video surveillance; everyday around the clock. These Safe Exchange Zone parking spaces are provided free of charge; on a first-come, first-use basis, and with the ability to request a copy of video footage of any transaction use.

It is important to remember, as posted at these parking spaces, that the Charlestown Police Department Safe Exchange Zone is not manned by department personnel; so, in the event a transaction becomes perilous, a 911 phone call should be made to summons police for assistance.  

Transaction video footage copies can be requested via email, noting the appropriate date and time of the transaction, to  For more information about the resources and services provided to our citizens, visit the Community Menu of the Charlestown Police Department website at