Protect Yourself Against New Phone Scam Methods

The Charlestown Police Department has recently received complaints from individuals experiencing a new type of phone scam being attempted by perpetrators in the Louisville Metro area.  The scam involves receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to represent a local utility company, such as Duke Energy.  The scammer calls on the pretense that the citizen’s account is in danger of being frozen and service disconnected as a result of being delinquent.  The scammer asks for credit card or banking information over the phone immediately; to process any type of payment on the account to avoid a disconnect.  This type of situation is normally a scam, and can catch unsuspecting citizens off guard with panic over the thought of not having a daily necessity such as a power utility. Citizens who receive such a phone call should not give any personal or financial information out over the phone until the…

IRS Phone Scams, Facts and What to Do

The Charlestown Police Department has received several complaints from area citizens about “convincing” phone calls and phone messages from the “IRS”; in attempt to panic citizens into thinking they owe taxes to the government and are about to be arrested by local police.  THESE CALLS ARE AN ATTEMPT TO SCAM FINANCIAL INFORMATION FROM CITIZENS.   FACTS TO REMEMBER: The genuine US Government IRS agency does not collect money over the phone, and will always communicate with tax payers via mailed documents.  The recent SCAM calls, claiming to be investigators of the Internal Revenue Service; have gone so far as to claim that recent mailed documents from the IRS to you have been ignored, requiring immediate action to avoid being arrested by local police.  AGAIN THIS IS A SCAM TECHNIQUE, as such a situation would never be handled by the genuine US Government IRS agency in this manner. Anyone receiving phone…

Welcome to the New Charlestown Police On-Line

The Charlestown Police Department (CHPD) is comprised of sixteen full time academy certified Indiana Police Officers, including the Chief, School Resource Officer, and Detectives.  The CHPD is supplemented with fifteen certified and trained Reserve Police Officers which enable enhancement of various services provided to the community.  The Charlestown Police Department proudly serves the growing community of Charlestown, located in the south central Indiana county of Clark, with a current estimated population of 8,500+. The Charlestown Police Department headquarters is located at 701 Main Street, in Charlestown, Indiana 47111; and can be contacted via our NON-EMERGENCY phone line at 812-256-6345. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO OUR FACILITY.