Reserve Division

The Charlestown Reserve Police Department is a volunteer, non-profit organization, and division of the Charlestown Police Department.  The Reserve Department’s purpose is to:
A. assist the full time officers of the department in providing professional and efficient law enforcement services to the community.
B. provide structured law enforcement hands-on training for individuals serious about pursuing a law enforcement career.

The position of Reserve Police Officer is not a paid position, although all Reserves receive a yearly clothing allowance from the city and are considered members of the Police Department. Reserve Police Officers are trained in the same areas of law enforcement as full time officers and are bestowed the power of arrest anywhere within the State of Indiana after successful initial training completion. For more information on Reserve Officer Training, visit “Department Training” at this web site. The Charlestown Police Reserves is a self-sufficient organization. Fund-raising and money making projects enable the department to maintain professional equipment and spur growth and development.

The city currently provides resources for a twenty (20) officer Reserve force. The process to become a Charlestown Police Reserve member is a lengthy one, usually lasting approximately six (6) months. For more information, visit the “Membership Process” page by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of this page. The Charlestown Reserve Police Department was established in 1970.  Since that time, most Reserve Department members have gone on to establish full-time law enforcement careers at many police agencies within the country. Nearly every Louisville-area police agency has a former Charlestown Reserve Department member on it today. For more information of the Reserves, click on the “Related Links” above.