Beware of IRS Refund Scam Letter

If you receive a letter similar to this one, use caution and beware that it is an attempt to obtain your personal information and use it for their personal gain…..because it is not from the “real US Internal Revenue Service”. This is the latest scam naming the IRS to hit the country; see for more official information and currently reported scams. The United States Internal Revenue Service explains in the above link what literature and forms are legit and how to safely determine your current refund status.

Don’t be a victim, always use extreme caution when dealing with telephone calls, emails, door knocks and literature via the mail. If you think you are a victim of identity theft, take quick action. If you have confirmed you have experienced a loss, contact your bank(s) and creditors involved, file a police report immediately. The US Federal Trade Commission provides very helpful information at on how to notify the proper authorities and a plan to recover; which is just as important.

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