XP: North Clark Hospital 2200 Market

I spoke with the manager of the hospital today (9/18). The hospital is under new management and is moving forward at a “fast pace.” Lee Anne Howe is overseeing the project and requested extra patrol especially at night time. Lee Anne said there should be no one on site after about 7 p.m. Also, there should be no one on site taking scrap metal. Lee Anne said they recycle all metal and pay workers additional wages from recycled metal which they get during the day. Anyone on site after hours she requested trespassed and prosecuted if you have charges. Her contact info: Lee Anne Howe – North Clark Holding LLC 502-595-9752 If you have any further questions that I can’t answer she will be the point of contact. She also requested the back door (facing Edgewood) be patrolled since it is only covered by particle board. All doors should be shut and locked after hours. If we can log premises checks here as she may request a copy of our checks. The hospital is set to open July 1, 2020 here.