DNA for Property Comes to Charlestown

The Charlestown Police Department Neighborhood Watch Program, in partnership with Charlestown’s State Farm Dale Robinson Agency roll out of “DNA for Property” during the 2019 Founders Day Celebration.

The Charlestown Police Department is a proactive agency and is always looking for new resources that will help protect the valuables of both the residents and businesses of the community. CHPD plans to use the DNA for Property program to enhance their current efforts with their neighborhood watch and other crime prevention campaigns.

“DNA for Property” is a special forensic adhesive that can be applied to all types of valuables. The adhesive is swabbed on an item and will permanently dry clear and invisible to the naked eye. Suspended in the adhesive are thousands of “microscopic dots” .05mm in size, that is smaller than the size of a grain of sand. Chemically etched into the microdot is a unique alpha-numeric PIN (personal identification number).

The PIN is registered in a national database linking the number to the user contact, essentially personalizing all marked items. Every item that is swabbed with the DNA adhesive can be entered into the users account, including make, model, serial number if applicable, pictures, and other property characteristics.

The DNA for Property Kits (for a limited time and while supplies last) are being offered FREE of charge through a partnership with the State Farm Dale Robinson Agency. Visit the CHPD Neighborhood Watch Program booth Friday night and Saturday at Founders Day on the square. Otherwise, residents just need to set up their free account at www.protechDNA.com. The kits, which are $40 value will be mailed directly to the user’s address, for a one-time set up and shipping fee of $5.99. A portion of the set up fees will help cover the cost of equipment to all law enforcement around the country.

Charlestown PD already has detection equipment to determine if property has been marked with the DNA adhesive, and special readers to view the PIN on the microscopic dots. The PIN will be entered into a secure law enforcement database to retrieve owner contact information.

This is a very effective resource for law enforcement to link recovered property to the true owner in real time, with thousands of law enforcement agencies utilizing this technology, property that is stolen and recovered outside of Charlestown, including around the country will also have the ability to determine ownership and contact the rightful owners.

“Pawn Proof Property” – With a large percentage of stolen property never getting back into the hands of law enforcement, users that enter specific details of each item marked with the DNA adhesive into their account can soon be notified if their property is sold at a pawn shop. This new feature will cross-match property details against pawn transactions and notify law enforcement and users.

If you would like additional information on this topic or the company please email info@protechdna.com or call 888-800-1503.