Vacation House Checks

Since 2012, the Charlestown Police Department has provided this additional service as part of the department’s proactive efforts toward crime prevention in the community of Charlestown, Indiana.

The Vacation House Check program is a service available to any City of Charlestown resident who plans to be away from home on vacations, funerals, or other times involving an extended stay away from their Charlestown residence.  Vacation Checks are documented on patrols logs, each time they are completed.  The program request form also lets patrolling officers who is expected to be on your property while away; as well as, who to contact if officers find a problem on your property that needs attention.

Download the Vacation House Check Form, send it to the Charlestown Police Department via the email or fax number listed on the form; and officers will make periodic physical security checks of your residential property while on routine patrol during your stay away.

Download a Vacation Check Request Form Here