Property & Evidence Release

The following procedure must be adhered to by Charlestown Police Department personnel when receiving a request for release of property logged in as evidence (safekeeping or otherwise) with the Charlestown Police Department.

Individuals requesting release of confiscated property or evidence; must be the owner of said property, be ordered its release by a Clark County, Indiana judge, or have legal guardianship or power of attorney over the property owner.  Contraband of Indiana law can not be released and will be destroyed according to department policy.

Individuals requesting the release of ANY property confiscated by the Charlestown Police Department; and secured within Department Evidence custody MUST:

  1. Compose a written request for release of the property, identifying the property as clearly as possible (make, model and serial number if possible), the date when or under what department case number it was confiscated; as well as, return contact information (name, address and phone number).
  1. The composed written request should then be forwarded to the attention of the Department Evidence Property Manager via email to, faxed (812-256-7128), mailed or hand delivered to 703 Main Street, Charlestown, IN 47111.

Additionally, Department policy requires that the release of any and all firearms must be completed after clearance of Federal and State Laws concerning legal transfer (see here) concerning legal transfer; regardless of the existence of a court order.

Upon receipt of a proper written request for release of property logged in as evidence with the Charlestown Police Department, the assigned Detective will then investigate the availability of release and then contact the requesting individual for further action or notification; such as scheduling a time for release and transfer.

Questions regarding the above procedure can be directed to Officer Chuck Ledbetter, Department Evidence Property Manager, at or 812-256-6345 extension 100.