Post Assistance

Form Directions of Importance:

Your Name = Your First and Last Name, Radio #, Badge # or any combination of the same is acceptable.

Post Title = This is what appears on the list shown under “Officer Information Posts”.  It is important to use the following configuration to make it easier to read:

XP:  1234 Main Street (for an Extra Patrol request for 1234 Main Street);

VC:  2020 Shady View Dr. (for a Vacation Check request for 2020 Shady View Dr.);

BOLO:  Red Chevy Camero IN 345FGC (for a BOLO for a Red Chevy Camero);

HOT SPOT:  Declares a location/address where increased call activity would support strict enforcement and review for a possible violation under State and Local Ordinance Statutes as a Public Nuisance.

or INFO:  Domestic at 5432 Stacy Rd (to pass on info regarding a situation that my carry over).

Post Category = Select the proper category that matches the Title Message.

Post Content = Input any and all details or information associated with the Post Title, including a photo if applicable.  This information is not seen unless the Title is clicked on from the Officer Area page List.

Post Expiration Date = If the post information only needs to be active (listed for officers) for a particular time, add an expiration date (example:  10/12/2017); which will be the date the post information is removed and no longer available.

Add File(s) = Digital files, such as photos or documents, can be added to the post for user viewing in connection with the information posted.  Click on “Choose File” to browse to the location on your computer where the supporting digital file is saved.  Acceptable file types include bmp, gif, ico, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, and pdf  with a file size no greater than 5MB.

Note:  If additional assistance is needed, email a request to