Town Marshal John Whisman – EOW 10/01/1936

The Charlestown Police Department would like to formally recognize the death of Town Marshal John Medley Whisman, who died on October 1st 1936, as a Line of Duty Death.

Town Marshal Whisman was in the process of arresting a driver who was suspected of being intoxicated when the driver pulled out a gun. Marshal Whisman shot the suspect hitting him in the arm, which caused him to drop his firearm. The suspect’s wife picked the gun up and shot Marshal Whisman in the head. Marshal Whisman died ten days after being shot. The suspect’s wife was ultimately arrested and charged with murder, however she was acquitted at trial.

Marshal Whisman was a Veteran of the 1st World War and served the citizens of Charlestown for 3 years as a Town Marshal before his death.

Sergeant Kenneth King did extensive research to uncover the details surrounding Marshal Whisman’s death. Sgt. King’s extensive research and conclusion regarding the death of Marshal Whisman has led to Marshal Whisman’s death being recognized as a Line of Duty Death.

This past May, Sgt. King traveled to Washington D.C. with some of Marshal Whisman’s surviving family members where he [Marshal Whisman] was recognized at the National Candlelight Vigil, as well as having his name added to the wall at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Town Marshal John Medley Whisman, Charlestown Police Department

E.O.W. 10/1/1936

May we never forget his sacrifice.