Net Motion DUO Authentication Requirement

Hello All,

I’m Sorry, but we have more technology changes to adapt to; however please know that everyone involved, from our Chief to the 911 Director is trying to make this process as easy as possible. Please read all of the following, it will help you understand the new requirement.

Indiana State Police IDACS Division is requiring that after June 30, 2017; all mobile CAD users with access to run NCIC/IDACS inquiries use a two step log in process every time they log on. We argued several aspects to our current process, from individual NWS log ins, plus Net Motion log ins, to creating Windows logins; but they are all fallible and not as secure….so we (CC911 Operations Board) lost the battle and had to spend money to upgrade the NetMotion part of logging into CAD to include a two step log in process i.e. DUO Authentication.

What Duo Authentication will mean is that whenever a laptop is booted to connect with CC911 using NetMotion, instead of using “road” and “Clarkcounty93” as the username and password; everyone will have their own username and password, as the username will be the same as what is used already to log into NWS Mobile. Using your NetMotion username and password will only be one of the two parts of the new security Duo authentication; the second part is receiving and entering a six digit code number each time you have to connect to the CC911 network (normally on a reboot of the computer, but not when just performing restart of the NWS Mobile program). The six digit code, or second part of DUO Authentication will be coming June 26th; and that will be covered in an upcoming email.


In preparation, everyone will start getting a message indicating that a NetMotion upgrade is needing to be completed. Please allow the upgrade, but know that it will reboot your computer when completed.

Additionally, as as soon as possible, all officers are asked to begin using their own username and password immediately when logging into NetMotion. Use the following steps to configure your NetMotion username and password at your earliest convenience:

1. When your laptop is booting and the NetMotion dialog box appears, remove “road” for the username, and enter your NWS username.
2. The first time using your username, type the following temporary password to proceed, by adding “ Welcome17! “ in the password field.
3. Click Connect, which will prompt you to change your password (using Welcome17! As the old password) to your own personal password.
4. This should allow you to connect to the CC911 network and configure your username and password for DUO Auth rollout on June 26th.

If you run into a problem configuring your NetMotion username and password, contact D40 for assistance. Additional steps, including clarification through the Chief’s office for which option personnel would like to use to receive their six digit code number each time logging into NetMotion will be sent out in advance of June 26th.


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Criminal Investigations Division,
Charlestown Police Department
701 Main St., Charlestown, IN 47111
(812) 256-7770 / (812) 256-7128 – fax

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