Indiana AG Encourages Consumer eComplaints

Representatives of Indiana’s State Attorney General’s Office recently visited Clark County, and through the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office; is encouraging Indiana citizens to use their improved electronic complaint system for various consumer concerns.  The electronic complaint system enables citizens to file a complaint securely over the internet for various concerns such as:

  • Medicaid Fraud
  • Patient Abuse & Neglect
  • Consumer Issues
  • Do Not Call/Text and Scams
  • Do Not Fax Violations
  • Gas Gouging Issues
  • Identity Theft Issues
  • Mortgage Fraud Issues

Properly and effectively investigating the above types of issues is very complicated for local law enforcement agencies; largely due to fact that these suspects and perpetrators operate on a worldwide venue.  The commitment that Indiana’s Attorney General has voiced; especially in the areas listed above, is promising and essential for deploying the necessary resources to enforce Indiana laws protecting Hoosiers.

Phone Scams, Do Not Call Violations, Medicaid (Welfare) Fraud, and Identity Theft activities are on the up tick in Southern Indiana.  If you feel you have a complaint or are a possible Indiana Consumer victim of any of the above listed issues; the Charlestown Police Department encourages you to fight back beginning with using the Attorney General’s electronic complaint submission portal at  Just look for the “FILE A COMPLAINT” Banner once arriving at the Attorney General’s webpage.

Additionally, Charlestown residents who have reason to believe they have suffered a loss of money or any valuable item of property due to one of these consumer issues; file a complaint with the Charlestown Police Department in addition to Filing a Complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.