Child Safety Tips to Prevent Abductions

1.  Teach your children their full names, addresses and phone numbers.

2.  Teach your children how to make a long distance call (both directly to you using the area code and by dialing "0" for the operator).

3.  Know your neighbors and your child's friends, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

4.  Know the route your child takes to and from school, friends' homes and other activities.

5.  Be involved in your child's activities by volunteering at school, clubs, and sporting events - participate in a neighborhood watch program.

6.  Before leaving your child in the care of a day-care, pre-school, baby sitter, or youth organization, check their references and qualifications.  Ask if criminal background checks are conducted before new staff members are hired.

7.  Write your police chief, sheriff and other elected officials, in support of the Amber Alert Plan, police missing person programs, and other child safety efforts; write the general managers of your local radio and TV stations in support of the Amber Alert plan and the Emergency Alert System.

8.  Review the web sites of Missing Child Organizations for volunteer opportunities, such as e-mailing or distributing posters of missing children.

9.  Teach your child what to do if approached by a stranger.  Common uses are offering a ride, gifts, or candy, asking the child to help them look for a lost dog or cat, or claiming that the child's parent has asked them to bring the child home because of an emergency.

10.  Listen to your child; don't disregard their fears.  Instead, let them know that you take their fears and concerns seriously.