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Special Operations Division


ISUfinished.jpg (165453 bytes)The Charlestown Police Department Special Operations Division (S.O.D.) has been created for the purposes of providing organization to Department efforts in Domestic Preparedness; as well as, Specialized and Tactical Law Enforcement Response.  

The S.O.D. is centered around readiness protocol and manages equipment designated for on-scene or mobile command operations.  The vehicle shown to the right is the department's new Incident Support Unit (ISU), which was put into service in June of 2007.  The Incident Support Unit is equipped to assist city and department operations in several different situations.  The ISU is equipped to assist the department's Criminal Investigations Division (CID) with large crime scenes, it is equipped to provide resources for sub-command and minor command operations in the field during SRT incidents, and is equipped to increase community policing efforts at local events.  The ISU has a climate controlled workstation that features a television, a weather station with local national radar, a wireless broadband internet connected computer system including a printer, fax and scanner unit, citizen band and first responder two-way VHF and digital 800 MHz radio systems, and plenty of marker board and mapping planning area.  The ISU also is equipped to respond to natural and terrorist disasters as part of the city's on-going domestic preparedness plans.  Another very valuable part of the ISU is its 7500 watt, 110/220 volt on-board gasoline generator power plant with two two hundred foot spools of extension cord and perimeter lighting capabilities.  The unit is constantly evolving and becoming the city's spearhead in preparedness and special operations response.  The ISU was donated to the police department by the Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department in 2006.

srtunit.gif (280149 bytes)Another major effort of the S.O.D. includes the specialized tactical unit known as the Special Response Team (S.R.T.).  The S.R.T. provides the Department with a designated group of Department officers who posses specialized tactical training combined with top level performance and abilities with the mission of preservation of life!  The S.R.T. is a call-out unit of the Department for response in dealing with hostage and barricaded person situations, civil disturbances, high-risk warrant service, active shooter response, and specialized surveillance duties.


For more information on the S.O.D. and/or S.R.T., contact the Special Operations Division Commander.


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