Governor Issues Stay at Home Directive

Today, March 23rd, 2020, as part of and in follow up to Indiana’s Emergency Disaster Law (Indiana Code 10-14-3) declaration; Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has issued a “Stay at Home” directive (20-08) effective from 11:59 pm on March 24, 2020, through 11:59 pm on April 6, 2020.  Links are provided for these two documents, to enable citizens to easily download and review the guidance for themselves.  The City of Charlestown, in accordance with the Governor’s directive, has also announced actions in support of the importance of these guidelines to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our region.  Including but not limited to the closure (during the above outlined time period) of our city parks; as well as ways of obtaining help if needed (

Please know that the spirit of the Stay at Home Directive is another attempt to encourage citizens to limit travel from home for non-essential reasons; thus limiting unnecessary contact with people of whom we do not already live with.  Think of essential travel as being tasks that are important and need to be accomplished; as the directive (even though it goes along way to do so) can not list every single essential task or situation for every Hoosier.  The Charlestown streets are not going to be closed, and Charlestown motorists are not going to be stopped for purposes of determining compliance with the Stay at Home Directive.  The more citizens work toward following guidelines being sent out by government and health officials; the quicker the spread of COVID-19 is slowed or stopped, and the quicker we return to normal.  If you have questions regarding the interpretation of the Stay at Home Directive, please email us at online@ctownpd.comPLEASE DO NOT CALL 911 OR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FOR CLARIFICATION ON ANY OF THE GOVERNOR’S DIRECTIVES OR ORDERS DURING THIS EMERGENCY PERIOD; THOSE CALLS REDUCE THE ABILITY OF DISPATCHERS TO ATTEND TO NEEDED EMERGENCY PHONE CALLS.  For access to all of Indiana’s Executive Orders during this pandemic, CLICK HERE.