Distracted Driving Concerns Heighten in Charlestown

The Charlestown Police Department has experienced an increase in serious motor vehicle accidents lately both in and around the city; two of which involved school buses and CHPD has taken notice. Charlestown Police Chief Keith McDonald wants to remind motorists to watch their speed by allowing more travel time getting to their destination and not be distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

“Speed and distracted driving are the two major causes in some of the crashes we have seen recently” McDonald said. “We just ask that motorists pay more attention to the roadway versus their electronic devices and slow down in order to get to their destination safely”, McDonald said.

Chief McDonald said that motorists can expect to see additional Police presence on our roadways as CHPD focuses their efforts in slowing motorist down especially during peak travel times. If you would like to report a reckless driver we urge you to call 911 or 812-246-6996.