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2007 Case & Arrest Activity Statistics (current year to date)


Five Year Crime Trends (2002-2006):

Total Complaints, Cases & Calls for Service

Total Physical Arrests

Offenses Against the Person - Complaints

Offenses Against the Person - Arrests

Offenses Against Property - Complaints

Offenses Against Property - Arrests

Drug & Alcohol Offenses - Complaints

Drug & Alcohol Offenses - Arrests

Miscellaneous Offenses - Complaints

Miscellaneous Offenses - Arrests

Juvenile Status Offenses - Complaints

Juvenile Status Offenses - Arrests

Traffic Accident Breakdown



  Classification Legend of Criminal Offenses:

  Offenses Against a Person:  Murder, Battery, Child Molest, Criminal Confinement, Invasion of Privacy, Kidnapping, Manslaughter, Rape, Recklessness, Robbery, Sex Crimes.

  Offenses Against Property:  Arson, Auto Theft, Burglary, Check Deception, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Forgery, Fraud, Residential Entry, Theft/Conversion.

  Drug & Alcohol Offenses:  Contributing to Delinquency, Controlled Substance/Narcotic Possession, Controlled Substance/Narcotic Dealing, Intoxication, Common Nuisances, Illegal Consumption.

  Miscellaneous Offenses:  False Alarms, Animal Complaints, Ordinance Violations, Death Investigations, Missing Persons, Property Found/Missing, Miscellaneous Service.

  Offenses Against Order & Administration:  Carrying a Gun w/o License, Disorderly Conduct, Escape, Failure to Register, False Informing/Obstruction, Intimidation, Neglect, Public Indecency,

  Possession of Explosives, Resisting Law Enforcement, Warrant, Weapons - Misc. Charges.

  Traffic Offenses:  Driving While Suspended, Habitual Traffic Violator, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Obstructing Traffic, Operating Never Licensed, Operating While Intoxicated,

  Reckless Driving, Speed Contest.



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