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XP: Town Square

XP: ref. to a silver colored suv that is parked throughout the night w/ an unk. male & female sleeping inside, comp. adv. sometimes they will sleep in the gazebo.

XP: 124 Market Street

Extra patrol especially night shift. 124 Market St beside Sawyers bait shop. The house is being sold and the owners daughter just moved out. Closing is mid July. The owner is a Wayne York who is a personal friend of my family. He’s going to leave the electric on but the home will be vacant for approximately a month. Lt. Gilbert

XP: 1136 Main Street / Theft-Trespass

Extra patrol the residence at 1136 Main Street. It is currently vacant and is owned by Ed Byers and Treva Hodges who live on Oriole Drive. They are fixing it up to move into in sometime around July. There has been some thefts from there recently. No one should be there according to Byers. If you see any vehicle other than a red F150 FX4, black F150 Lightning, or and olive drab military style blazer, challenge the subjects and identify. Also a James Dustin Lewis was trespassed from the residence.

XP: 8401 Woodland Drive

Extra Patrol 8401 Woodland Drive. On 4/30 Johnny Brent Keith was observed by the resident of this address on the back porch looking thru the sliding glass door. Obviously the homeowner was very shaken up. Keith was subsequently arrested which did put the homeowner at ease for the time being, however she requests Officers frequently check her residence with a spotlight. Her home is at the dead end of Woodland near the woods.