Articles by Chuck Ledbetter

XP: 1308 Lindsey

Reference D70’s case 2017-10373: Residents request extra patrol due to Antonyo Gaddie being on the property and becoming physical with their daughter. They also advise that they are receiving harassing phone calls from unknown numbers asking for Antonyo. They request if Antonyo is located, that he be trespassed from 1308 Lindsey.

XP: Bethany Road-Signal 27s

Extra Patrol in the area of Bethany Road near the electric power station. Complaint is of Signal 23 vehicles in the morning during school bus traffic and in the afternoon from 3 p.m. and on. Complainant advised vehicles have almost struck school buses when they are stopping to pick up and drop off school children.

CHPD Investigating Car Hit by Bullet Likely Shot to Sky

The Charlestown Police Department is investigating damage to a citizen’s car which appears to have been caused by someone shooting a high caliber rifle into the air during the evening hours of Saturday, November 11th. This incident occurred in the northern most area of Charlestown, and possibly between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The adjacent photo shows the damage the bullet caused to the body of the citizens car; which could have been a more devastating incident if an incident bystander, including a child, would have been hit, instead of the car. The incident is a reminder to gun owners that it is never a safe or good idea to all to fire any firearm up into the air aimlessly. Gravity being what it is and population density being what it is, bullets fired aimlessly into the sky or even in jubilation (New Years Eve) sometimes hit things or people…

INFO: Fentanyl & Exposure WARNING/INFO

Take a few minutes and review the information provided at by the ISP Labs concerning the dangers of Fentanyl and Carfentanil Exposure to First Responders. It may save yours or a brother officer’s life.

CHPD Launches Operation Identify

The Charlestown Police Department’s OPERATION IDENTIFY is a Crime Prevention initiative that serves more than one purpose in preserving personal property.  Using the easy steps of Operation Identify, property owners can take proper inventory of valuable items and not only be better prepared to help law enforcement get valuables back if ever the unfortunate victim of crime; but also if becoming a victim of a natural disaster or accident, having an inventory can allow you to file insurance claims for your items quicker. A Operation Identify property record involves documenting on one form, the manufacturer make, model, and serial number of valuable personal property around the home; placing engraving an ID or serial number on valuable items that do not bear a serial number.  Completing an Operation Identify property inventory is also a great time to video your personal property in each room and take a photograph of the valued property…..especially…