Articles by Chuck Ledbetter

XP: Town Square

XP: ref. to a silver colored suv that is parked throughout the night w/ an unk. male & female sleeping inside, comp. adv. sometimes they will sleep in the gazebo.

XP: 124 Market Street

Extra patrol especially night shift. 124 Market St beside Sawyers bait shop. The house is being sold and the owners daughter just moved out. Closing is mid July. The owner is a Wayne York who is a personal friend of my family. He’s going to leave the electric on but the home will be vacant for approximately a month. Lt. Gilbert

CHPD Operation Business Check Expands

For several decades, the Charlestown Police Department has maintained an organized program of performing security checks of businesses inside the city and their associated properties after hours; and especially during the early morning (higher property crime instance) time periods.  The program, called Operation Business Check-of which several Charlestown businesses are already familiar with, provides department patrol officers with vital security and contact information about registered businesses; which greatly assists officers when finding or responding to a problem. A brand NEW facet of Operation Business Check is receiving timely business crime and security alerts, notifications, and information via email; designed to keep Charlestown businesses informed of local crime trends and information to help employees prevent becoming a victim. Simply complete the CONFIDENTIAL ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM to add, update and/or renew your business’s participation in Charlestown Police Department’s Operation Business Check.  Whether your Charlestown Business has a physical store front or not, registration…