Charlestown Police Training Unit / Tasers

Beginning in late October of 2006 the Charlestown Police Training Unit began training its patrol officers in the use of the Taser X-26 non-lethal defensive system.  For more information on the Taser X-26, click on the Taser logo shown below.  Tasers have been purchased by the Department using local drug and alcohol court fee grant funding.  It is estimated that the implementation of the Taser X-26 system will reduce officer injury by 80%, suspect injury by 67%, and the use of lethal force by 78%.

Saving Lives: Making Law Enforcement Safer

TASER devices Save Lives Every Day  

TASER devices provide a safer, more effective tool for law enforcement officers facing violent situations that pose threats to their safety. TASER devices are reliable devices that utilize innovative technology to stop violent suspects and provide effective alternatives to lethal force.

The following video clips were recorded during a recent Department Taser training course.  The videos are of three Department officers voluntarily experiencing the effects of the use of the Taser X-26 from a range of approximately seven feet, by Taser instructor Lt. J. T. McCartney of the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

(Click on the following links to download and view, all videos are in .wmv format and are approximately 1.0 MB in size)

Video #1:  Officer Joseph Jones, SRT & Patrol Officer

Video #2:  Officer Josh Campbell, Reserve Patrol Officer

Special thanks to Lt. J.T. McCartney (instuctor), Officer Albert Purcell (video recorder operator) & Lt. Don Wolfe (video editing).

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