Application Requirements for new members shall be limited to the following:  


Applications for membership into the Charlestown Reserve Police Department may be issued, by the Reserve Department Advisor or President, to any person of at least twenty years and six months (20 1/2) of age (since the membership process normally takes longer than six months). Applications issued shall be assigned a number and logged using the following information: a.) name of individual, b.) date application was issued, c.) application number issued, and d.) the address of the individual issued the application. Charlestown Reserve Police Department blank applications shall be secured at the Charlestown Police Department by the Department President. Completed applications for membership shall be returned to the Reserve Department Advisor or President, in person. The Charlestown Reserve Police Department does not discriminate against age, sex, race or creed when selecting candidates of and new members of its organization.

Due to state regulations and/or department insurance restrictions, the following requirements MUST be strictly adhered to:

A) Age - The minimum age limit of members shall be twenty-one (21) years. 
B) Education - Applicant must posses a high school diploma or equivalent. 
C) Residence - Applicant must reside, for at least the past six (6) consecutive months, within the State of Indiana, County of Clark or an adjoining county, except where otherwise specified or approved by the Chief of Police and Board of Public Works & Safety. 
D) Criminal History - Applicant must have no felony or offense involving moral turpitude convictions.
E) Physical Condition - Applicant must be in good physical condition and able to pass the physical examination and fitness evaluation set forth by the Police Pension Board and the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.
F) Valid Indiana Driverís License - Applicant must posses a valid Indiana Drivers License

Reference: Charlestown Police Reserves By-Laws and Guidelines, Article IV, Section One, amended March 1996.

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