Appointment Process to the Charlestown Reserve Police Department shall be completed, as outlined below, in secession. The applicant may be eliminated during any phase of the appointment process, for failure to qualify or meet minimum requirements setforth in this article.


A)  A Completed Application must be correctly submitted, as prescribed in the directions section of the application. 

B)  A thorough background investigation, including criminal history, employment history and reference checks is completed, uncovering no information that may conflict or hinder the applicant in the position or performance of a police officer. Polygraph examinations may be requested.

C)  A successful interview with the Reserve Department body, during a regular monthly business meeting.

D)  Majority vote of Reserve Department members.

E)  Majority vote of Full-time Department members, after review of the applicant's application and background investigation.

F)  Completed Written Skills Examination, administered by a Reserve Department official. 

G)  Completion of the Department Physical Fitness Evaluation, achieving a PASSING score as governed and set forth by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

H)  A successful interview with the Charlestown Chief of Police.

I)  Upon interview and approval of the Charlestown Board of Public Works and Safety, the applicant shall then be administered the Reserve Department Oath of Office and officially sworn in by the Charlestown City Mayor.

Reference: Charlestown Police Reserves By-Laws and Guidelines, Article IV, Section Two, amended January 2002.

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