Click on the ordinance of interest, as listed below.  For more information on City Ordinances NOT listed below, contact us or visit the City of Charlestown website at  Some of the following ordinances are UNOFFICIAL reproductions / copies. 

2009-08    An Ordinance Regulating Unnecessary and Undesirable Noise

2006-04    An Ordinance Establishing Penalties for Maintaining Common Nuisances (Unlicensed vehicles, littering, grass & junk nuisances)

2005-20    An Ordinance Regulating Domestic and Vicious Animals

2005-09    An Ordinance Regulating Skateboards and other Similar Devices

1999-07    An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 1992-3 (Town Square designated as a City Park)

1998-05    An Ordinance Regulating Roadblocks and Street Solicitations

1995-12    An Ordinance Governing the Numbering of Residences and Commercial Buildings

1995-02  An Ordinance Regulating the Keeping of Animals within the City

1991-12    An Ordinance Providing a Service Charge for Excessive False Alarms

1981-14    An Ordinance Regulating the Wearing of Hoods and Masks in a Public Place

1979-11    An Ordinance Regulating the Use of Weapons within the City Limits

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