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Police K9 Division

In Memory of the Dedication and Loyality of Charlestown Police K9's Barri, Sammy, Hahns & Bruno.........(See the "K9 Memorial Page" link below)

The Charlestown Police Department K9 Unit was started in 1980.  The department currently has two dog teamís (K9 Photos) that are certified through the N.A.P.W.D.A (North American Police Work Dog Association). The dog teams are certified in the areas of:  Obedience, Aggression Control, Criminal Apprehension, Area Search, Building Search, Article Search, Tracking, and Narcotic Detection.  The Charlestown Police Department relies heavily on its K9 Division for narcotic detection and enforcement.  The K9 Division has also been very beneficial for article and suspect tracking at a fresh crime scene.


The K9 Division, when not working cases, takes time to perform for groups in a demonstration format.  One of the more enjoyable duties of Charlestown K9 Officers are the local school demonstrations, as shown in some of the picture located on this page.  Kids of all ages enjoy watching police dogs work and learning how useful and important they are to law enforcement across the country and around the world.  Keeping K9 teams at the top of their "game" is no easy task; they must train on a daily basis to stay conditioned for the tasks that they perform on the street and on-duty.  For more information regarding The Charlestown Police Department K9 Division, contact the K-9 Division Commander Officer Ben Bertram at bbertram@ctownpd.com.

Click HERE to visit our K9 Memorial Page

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