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Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program

Since 1996, the Charlestown Police Department has instructed the NRA's "Eddie Eagle Gun Safe™" program to all Charlestown preschool, kindergarten, and first grade school children.  During each program, the children watch an Eddie Eagle Gun Safe™ video, and receive an Eddie Eagle Gun Safe cartoon story book and sticker (see photo examples on this page).  After watching the video, the instructor / officer reviews the lessons that Eddie Eagle teaches.


Eddie Eagle says, If you find a gun:



Children are very receptive to Eddie Eagle and his important message for staying safe around guns.  Most children remember the program and ask about it years down the road.  Teachers love the participation of their classes when officers bring the program into their classroom.

For the department, it's another way police officers can connect with kids, on a positive note; and hopefully build a good relationship as well as maybe even save their life one day if they were to come in contact with a gun.

For more information on the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe™ program, contact School Resource Officer Terry Braswell, of the Charlestown Police Department; or the NRA at 1-800-231-0752.

FOR MORE HELP WITH GUN SAFETY AT HOME, the Charlestown Police Department has joined the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Project ChildSafe gun lock program.  Click HERE for more information on obtaining a FREE home firearm safety lock.

The Eddie Eagle name and logo are copyrighted and registered trademarks of the National Rifle Association.

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