Charlestown Police Training Unit / EVO

On an annual basis, the Charlestown Police Training Unit, trains full time and reserve officers on Emergency Vehicle Operations (E.V.O.).  EVO training is centered around teaching and re-enforcing driving safety and skills which improve officer's ability to operate Department patrol vehicles in emergency situations.  The training involves a one hour lecture as well as five hours of hands-on driving skills training.  EVO training is managed and overseen by Detective Chuck Ledbetter, who is a Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor.  The following photos were taken during one of the 2005 Department E.V.O. Training classes.

The following video clip was recorded during the 2007 Department EVO refresher training course.  The video is of a Department officer completing the skills course under instruction of Sgt. Ledbetter.

(Click on the following links to download and view, all videos are in .wmv format and are approximately 1.0 MB in size)

 Video #1:  2007 EVO Skills Course Video

Special thanks to Officer Albert Purcell (video recorder operator).

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