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Communications Division

Charlestown Police Department

(812) 256-6345 (non-emergency) then "0" for a Dispatcher

The Charlestown Police Department operates a communications center for purposes of handling emergency and non-emergency department operations.  Department dispatchers have direct access to numerous real time resources configured to not only protect department personnel in safely operating, but also to facilitate the protection efforts of the entire community at all times.  The communications center is directly linked and monitoring Indiana's Emergency Services digital radio network, the National Crime and Information Computer via the Indiana Data and Communications System, Clark County Enhanced 911 phone services, numerous area closed circuit surveillance cameras, Indiana's Web Emergency Operations Center (Homeland Security) link, expedited internet resources, and real time metro area weather information.  The department takes pride in monitoring anything nationally or locally that may affect the health, safety and environment of the citizens of Charlestown.  The photo shown at the right is a portion of the Department Communications Center.  If you are interested in an often exciting career in police communications, e-mail the Chief Communications Officer, Josh Campbell, at Chief Dispatcher Josh Campbell, at the Charlestown Police Dept.

Dial 911 for Emergencies

Click Here for more information about the Enhanced 911 System

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