Charlestown Police Department joins Project ChildSafe

Project ChildSafe is a nationwide firearm safety education program developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation that receives major funding through a United States Department of Justice grant.  The Charlestown Police Department, in December 2003, has received 2000 gun lock safety kits through Project ChildSafe, for FREE of charge distribution to local (Charlestown-Clark County metro area) residents.

Firearm owners who request a free gun lock safety kit will receive it "no questions asked."  The Charlestown Police Department believes that even one accident or death can be prevented through Project ChildSafe, the program will have been worth the effort.  The Charlestown Police Department encourages everyone who owns a firearm to store it in a location inaccessible to children or other unauthorized persons.  Ammunition should be stored in a separate location.  A key goal of this program is to prevent a loaded firearm from being left lying around the house where a child could pick it up and play with it.  That's a tragedy waiting to happen.

The firearm safety pamphlet that is included with the gun lock is just as important as the lock itself.  It explains the importance of safe handling and secure firearm storage in the home.  The Charlestown Police Department encourages everyone to read it and follow its advise.

If you are a Charlestown-Clark County, Indiana resident and gun owner interested in receiving a FREE-no questions asked-Project ChildSafe gun safety lock kit from the Charlestown Police Department, come to the Charlestown Police Department Headquarters, located at 701 Main Street, Charlestown, Indiana, anytime day or night.  Just tell us you are serious about the safety of children around your firearms and would like a FREE ChildSafe gun lock safety kit.  Don't wait, do it today!

For more information about the Charlestown Police Department's involvement in this extremely important project/program, contact the Charlestown Police Department, at (812) 256-6345. 

For more information about the nationwide Project ChildSafe program, visit them at:


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