Police Bike Patrol Division

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The Department Bike Patrol Division was made possible by donations from local businesses and organizations.  Bike Patrol allows the Department an opportunity to have a couple of officers who can patrol neighborhoods in a more upfront and personable manner.  Officers on bikes are most often more approachable than being in their normal patrol cars.  The Bike Patrol is used seasonally but a major part in the Department's Community Policing efforts.  The above officers (Patrolman Terry Braswell-[left] and Patrolman Tim Wolff-[right]) are currently assigned to the Charlestown Police Department Bike Patrol Division.  Both officers were required to attend police bike patrol training to become properly train and become certified to use a bicycle to perform a law enforcement job.  For more information on the Bike Patrol Unit, contact Sgt. Terry Braswell at tbraswell@ctownpd.com or 812-256-6345, x204.

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