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courtesy of the Charlestown Police Department Criminal Investigations Division



CrimePreventionLogo1Small.jpgThe Charlestown Police Department has recently received several calls from concerned citizens about suspicious telephone solicitations they have received.  Most scammers, whether they contact you via the internet, mail or telephone; know exactly what to say to not only protect themselves from criminal prosecution, but also at the same time convince you to freely give them what they want.


The CHPD Criminal Investigations Division reminds citizens of the following facts and suggestions to keep in mind to not only help protect you and your family, but also your identity and assets.


#1           Never provide anyone of whom you personally do not know, have not met, or confirmed the legitimacy of their business ANY personal information; especially a social security number, a date of birth, or an account number.  Knowledge of personal information allows crooks to steal and use your identity.


#2           Never arrange or agree to pay money in any way or form, to obtain a prize, sweepstake, lottery or winnings of any type.  No legitimate contest requires pre-payment of any type for purposes of obtaining any prize, even for so-called administrative, mailing, or wire-transfer expenses.  Be very skeptical of any contest of which you didn’t enter in the first place, legal organizations or groups don’t make you a lucky person out of chance or computer picks.  “If it’s too good to be true, it must be a scam!”


#3           Never pay someone up front for work or supplies to be performed, unless a legal contract has been executed and reviewed carefully by an attorney.  Never do business with a unknown contractor (someone of whom you do not personally know) without first checking for complaints with the Better Business Bureau, or checking references and seeing past work completed.


For more personal safety tips and crime prevention information, click on Crime Prevention above.  Personal Safety and Crime Prevention begins with you!



The Charlestown Police Department has recently seen a spike in vacant property burglaries, specifically involving the theft of copper wiring and pipes. Several vacant homes during the past three weeks have been burglarized where forced entry is made and the only items missing are plumbing copper pipes and electrical copper wiring. These products are then sold to local metal recycling companies for quick cash, and normally to support personal drug addiction. Historically, these types of thefts have caused more damage loss to property during removal than the actual value of the copper removed. Police suggest that vacant property owners take any and all precautions to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of one of these crimes; including maintaining the property with regular visits, use of good exterior lighting, maintenance of solid and good working door locks and dead bolts, alarm systems if possible, and assistance of neighbors. The helpful eye of adjacent neighbors calling police when seeing suspicious activity in their area is invaluable. Additional crime prevention tips can be located on the Charlestown Police Department web site by CLICKING HERE.


08/23/06:  The Charlestown Police Department is in need of help in searching for Abraham Flores, a 31 year old Hispanic male, who is approximately 5’ – 6” tall, 190 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.  Flores is currently wanted out of Clark County Indiana Circuit Court on Class A Felony Child Molesting charges, steaming from an incident reported to Charlestown Police on Saturday, August 19th, 2006.  Flores is accused of sexually molesting an eleven year old girl in Charlestown on the evening of Friday, August 18th, 2006.  Flores was last seen at his brother’s Greentree Blvd., Clarksville, Indiana apartment on Saturday before reportedly making arrangements to flee the Louisville area for an unknown location.

Above is a recent photo of Abraham Flores.  Anyone having information on the whereabouts of Abraham Flores, is asked to call Detective Chuck Ledbetter, at the Charlestown Police Department 812-256-7770; or the nearest law enforcement agency.  There is no reason at this time to believe that Flores is armed or dangerous, but law enforcement officials are anxious to make an apprehension and get Flores off the streets to answer these serious child molesting charges.

08/23/2006 reference case# 0606549


09/30/03:  During the early morning hours of April 14, 2003, an unidentified male entered the residence of 203 Highland Avenue, in Charlestown where he raped a juvenile at gunpoint.  During the attack the juvenile's step father, Jerry Abbott, entered the residence to wake his stepdaughter for school.  Abbott and the identified male got into a physical altercation during which Abbott was shot in the head.  After Abbott was shot the suspect fled the scene on foot leaving his pants behind at the scene.  The suspect is believed to be a white male of medium build and height.  At the time of the attack the suspect had an unshaven appearance.  The gun used during the attacks is an imported .380 caliber pistol.  Any witnesses or persons with information concerning this attempted murder and rape are asked to contact Detective Chuck Ledbetter at the Charlestown Police Department (812-256-7770).


10/01/02:  The Charlestown Police Department encourages anonymous crime tips.  To submit an anonymous or non-anonymous crime tip or information regarding criminal activity in the City of Charlestown area, click HERE.


09/11/01:  A white male with dark hair-possibly shoulder length, full beard & mustache, approximately 6'-0" tall and 230-250 pounds, entered the First Saving Bank, located at 1100 Market Street (in Charlestown) on 09/11/01 at approximately 11:40 am (EDST).  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW SUSPECT RENDERING) The male displayed a black semi-automatic handgun, demanded an undisclosed amount of cash and then fled the bank north driving a red and silver Dodge full size truck with Indiana registration.  The male was last seen wearing a tan button down shirt, blue jeans, wire rim glasses and a "Jamaican style" tan hat.  Any witnesses or persons with information concerning this robbery are asked to contact Detective Chuck Ledbetter at the Charlestown Police Department (812-256-7770) or the FBI.


For more information, click HERE to email the Charlestown Police Department Criminal Investigations Division or call 256-7770.



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